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Tips on Getting Disability Benefits Efficiently & Effictively: by Dr De Leon

Getting Disability Benefits: Is It Always Necessary to Hire a Lawyer? Part I : By Dr De Leon.

Tips for Making Life Easier for Both Caregivers & Chronically Ill Alike : By Dr. De Leon

Last month I have been dealing with my dad’s terminal illness. I have had my moments of frustration as many of you have in taking care of loved ones with chronic illnesses like PD because sometimes what we think is best for them is not what they think is best for them. So how do

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Things I Learned About Being a Caregiver While Taking Care of Those I love

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” Jim Rohn It seems as if the whole last decade has been an unending parade of sick people with chronic illness revolving though my doors.  So, I have become somewhat of a caregiver guru… I think that these events along with my own illness have been

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4 Common Causes of Bladder Problems in Parkinson’s Patients : By Dr. De Leon

“Gotta go! Gotta Go!” I am sure all of you have seen or heard of this commercial. Unfortunately, for many of us living with PD this is more than a jingle….. IT IS A REALITY! Every time you step into new place you have to scope it out to know where the nearest restroom is

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Health & Beauty Tip # 26: Parkinson’s & driving- when is it time to call it quits? By Dr. De Leon

“Drive carefully! Remember, it’s not only a car that can be recalled by it’s maker.” – Anonymous “Why is it that you always say go faster when we are driving but slow down when we are walking?” ponders my husband, frequently, out loud….. Although, I did not get my drivers license until my mid-twenties and

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Consejos De Belleza #16 ¿Que es el Parkinsons? por La Dra. De Leon

¿Qué es la enfermedad del Parkinson? La enfermedad del Parkinson es un trastorno crónico y progresivo el cual produce movimientos anormales causado por la falla o falta o muerte de vitales células vitales nerviosas en el cerebro, llamadas neuronas. Algunas de Eestas células moribundas producen dopamina, una químicao llamada dopamina que envía mensajes a la

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Health & Beauty Tip # 14: Art of Caregiving -II By Dr. De Leon

” Throw in a dash of panic, a pinch of fear, add a tablespoon of manipulation, 3 cups of scheming, and a handful of pills”- Charles Swindoll and what do you have? Nothing but Chaos — Now, a few years later since my grandma passed away, ironically, I have now become the patient. I have been diagnosed

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Health & Beauty Tip # 13 : The art of caregiving by Dr. De Leon

“Do  what you can to show you care about other people, and you will make our world a  better place.“- Rosalynn  Carter Today, I am writing about a topic that has gotten me so enraged, I could no longer keep quiet.  Few blogs ago, I started to mention the difficulties navigating a marriage when a

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