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Three things I wish someone had told me about PD : By Dr. De Leon

Not only is there still much to be learned about this extremely complex disease, as I mentioned in my article “What is wrong with me?” But, despite all the advances in the field there continues to be a great deal of speculation regarding life with Parkinson’s after the diagnosis. Today, I am exposing some of

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How To Make The Most Out of Your Neurology/MDS Visit: by Dr. De Leon

I know many of you have expressed the concern that some of the issues don’t get addressed or addressed in a timely manner when visiting your neurologist or MDS. This especially difficult to deal with since many do not live close to a neurologist and have to travel a way to go see them. So

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Tips on Getting Disability Benefits Efficiently & Effictively: by Dr De Leon

Getting Disability Benefits: Is It Always Necessary to Hire a Lawyer? Part I : By Dr De Leon.

Tips on Getting Disability Benefits Efficiently & Effectively: By Dr De Leon

When confronted with a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease, after the initial shock of diagnosis settles comes the question will I be able to continue to work and for how long? Studies show that one of the biggest factors of loss of employment is depression in PD and along with it goes a decrease in

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Love & Parkinson’s: by Dr. De Leon

Today on this day of love and friendship I want to remind everyone about the power of LOVE in our lives- as it is the biggest intrinsic dopamine producer of our brains!!! We all know that feeling of being completely head over heels with someone and feeling on top of the world, unable to eat or sleep,

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