Enjoy your journey with Parkinson’s

“We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test.” Isabel Allende





Don’t forget to always get some vitamin SEA!


My  mission is to encourage, support, and impart a bit of knowledge with others who like me might be trying to make the most out of life with PD.  The benefits of sunscreen are  infallible yet my advice to you comes from my personal experience of years in dealing with Parkinson’s disease as a Parkinson’s specialist, caregiver, patient and three time melanoma survivor. The advice in these blogs by no means is intended to take the place of your relationship with your own physician rather help fill in the gaps for a more happy, healthy, and successful journey with PD.

My recently published book addressing the issues of women with Parkinson’s can serve as a guide…the Spanish book on similar topics coming out soon….plus a new one on “Parkinson’s journey..” should both be out next year


or follow my blog http://www.parkinsonsdiva.org

My new Spanish book : “Viviendo mas alla del parkinson: explorando las posibilidades.” ( English title: “Living Beyond Parkinson’s : Exploring the possibilities ) – would be out very soon – if you like to pre-order an autographed copy please send me an email to deleonenterprises3@yahoo.com

New Book Cover will be unveiled shortly!


Don’t forget your sunscreen as you go through life with Parkinson’s and join me in living “la diva loca.”


4 thoughts on “Enjoy your journey with Parkinson’s

  1. I recently read your book and I want to thank you. I’m 35 was diagnosed at 33 and reading your book has been very helpful I could see myself in every chapter. I’m a professional I’m a nurse and had to leave bedside because of PD. PD has taken a lot from me and I refuse to surrender to it after all I’m also a Parkinson’s diva!! Great job Dr. De Leon

    1. Yilliam…I am truly sorry that you too have to experience this illness first hand- but I hope you realize by now that you are not alone are loved and have a whole host of DIVAS! behind you! I would love to talk – I am trying to collect data on health professionals like us who appear to be at higher risk of PD maybe we can begin to find a common link that might unveil new insight. thank you again for reading my book! Stay strong and courageous for God our Lord will be with you Wherever you go! Joshua 1:9

  2. today my mom has been diagnosed with lower body parkinsonism. What can she do besides walking and taking medications

    1. I am so sorry to hear this…the treatment depends on the cause…most commonly vascular due to strokes..so preventing more strokes, managing risk factors, or treating nph if present, can do a trial of levodopa but usuallly not very efficient ..physical therapy, walking devices, preventing falls. Perhaps a trial of aricept if having balance issues …best of luck best therapy is water therapy, walking on sand or running trails with soft cushion…

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