Mission of defeatparkinsons



Defeatparkinsons is a blog site created to share information, raise awareness, foster hope, as well as spark new wonderful adventures,  while challenging current views for a better tomorrow…only then can the science of PD move forward and the lives of all of us who struggle with PD on a daily basis can be fully enriched!

Having said this all of the information within is meant to support and strengthen your relationships with your health team rather than replace the relationship between you and your doctor/MDS. I hope that the information provided within this site can serve as a stepping ground for further discussions between you and your Health Care providers. By posing sometimes questions we don’t yet fully know or understand, I hope to lead a discussion and exploration into new venues of knowledge and treatment options which might be beneficial for all of us in the future. However, I stress that you NEVER make ANY CHANGES to your regimens without first consulting with your Physicians/ Health Care professionals. Your participation and comments are always welcome as long as they remain courteous, respectful and honest. All information within these blogs are based on my own personal experience as a Parkinson’s doctor, caregiver, research advocate, cancer survivor, as well as Parkinson’s patient.  No replications in full or in part would be allowed for publication or mass distribution without my written authorization and consent.

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6 thoughts on “Mission of defeatparkinsons

  1. Hello,
    Is the image ” Today is a sunny day in Toronto” is from the book” Essential Tremor in Clinical Practice”? . If you can cite the source of this image will be appreciated.

  2. Hi,

    I normally don’t leave messages on random websites when I’m doing research for PD. But then I came across the header “DefeatParkinson” during my search, which caught my eyes. I then stopped my research that led me to leaving this email. I too want to be Fierce and Courageous. Even more so than I am right now.
    I am a 50 year old male living alone and I have PD. I was diagnosed in June of 2014 but had symtoms since Sept of 2013. Hopefully you can shed some light. So…. Life for me since first noticing symptoms of PD, hasn’t been all that bad so far, I’m almost 5 1/2 years into this disease. Accept forthe past month or so. . It that time my body has really changed. It was gradual as you well know, but this is the most challenging time I’ve experienced with this disease.
    The neuropathy in my feet(toes and ball area) and yes I know may not be PD related, but I don’t have high blood sugar, the extreme soreness and stiffness in every part of my legs, all the involuntay movements. Plus all the crud that goes on from a cognitive stand point as well. The fogginess and headache feelings. All are either a constant feeling or partial feeling. What I mean by that is, I constantly have pain in my legs for example, but don’t always have the feeling of a headache. Last but not least. I’ve had Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery since early 2017. Which to this point has been the best decision I’ve made on this journey. For me I’m going out on a limb here and that I’ve found someone that can really share their experiences with me. Thaks for your time and understanding. And many happy roads in the Parkinson’s Disease world.

    1. Aaron, thank you for sharing your journey with us..yes is always something which can be maddening if you succumb to it but staying mentally busy and physically as best you can can go along way. glad you did the surgery and is helping…take care.maria

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