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The Golden Team Necessary for the Best Parkinson’s Care: By Dr. De Leon

The other day, I read something someone wrote about which ideal team members should engage when considering long term care of PD. I was a bit disappointed to find that whoever wrote that piece was missing a large part of what goes on with Parkinson’s patients behind the scenes and what their needs really are.

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Treatment Strategies for the 4 Common Causes of Bladder Dysfunction in Parkinson’s : by Dr. De Leon

As I mentioned previously there are 4 common causes that lead to Parkinson’s bladder problems. The most common being improper processing of dopamine message from brain to bladder causing a mixed up response with increase frequency and urgency. ( when is contracting or too active is called –detrusor hyperactivity). Second, urgency and frequency can be

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4 Common Causes of Bladder Problems in Parkinson’s Patients : By Dr. De Leon

“Gotta go! Gotta Go!” I am sure all of you have seen or heard of this commercial. Unfortunately, for many of us living with PD this is more than a jingle….. IT IS A REALITY! Every time you step into new place you have to scope it out to know where the nearest restroom is

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