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Signs that your body is in trouble – especially in midst of living with PD: By Dr. De Leon

There are many subtle ways that our bodies tell us that something is not right. The body is a perfect organism always in balance. Have you suddenly had a craving for something sweet, sour or salty? I have – and is not just pregnant women that have cravings. Funny thing when I was pregnant I

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How To Make The Most Out of Your Neurology/MDS Visit: by Dr. De Leon

How To Make The Most Out of Your Neurology/MDS Visit: by Dr. De Leon.

The Golden Team Necessary for the Best Parkinson’s Care: By Dr. De Leon

The other day, I read something someone wrote about which ideal team members should engage when considering long term care of PD. I was a bit disappointed to find that whoever wrote that piece was missing a large part of what goes on with Parkinson’s patients behind the scenes and what their needs really are.

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High Risk of Prostate Cancer in Parkinson’s Patients Taking STALEVO : By Dr. De Leon

Painting by Jorge Jm Lacoste “This is the age of knowing….when a urine flow is more than just a flow.” Aside from the fact that Parkinson’s disease is proving to be a systemic disease affecting mind and body certain treatments as well as carrying certain Parkinson’s genes like the LRRK2 and PARKIN gene which seem

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