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Signs that your body is in trouble – especially in midst of living with PD: By Dr. De Leon

There are many subtle ways that our bodies tell us that something is not right. The body is a perfect organism always in balance. Have you suddenly had a craving for something sweet, sour or salty? I have – and is not just pregnant women that have cravings. Funny thing when I was pregnant I

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what’s wrong with me? by Dr. De Leon

http://www.familycircle.com/health/concerns/aches-pains/whats-wrong-with-me/ follow up on blog tomorrow…here and on Family circle as well as blog on PDF.org this week

How to Deal with the 6 Common Causes of Leg pain in PD? : By Dr. De Leon

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people in PD support groups is a continuous relentless severe leg pain. Prior to a decade ago, I as all my fellow movement disorder specialist would have not thought leg pain to be a direct precursor of PD or an initial non-motor symptom. My grandmother often complained

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I am Dizzy! Is It My Parkinson’s? : By Dr. De Leon

First, in order for you to get the proper treatment you must be able to communicate to your doctor exactly what you are feeling. The way you do this is by learning the right terminology or the doctor “lingo” if you will. Some people say they are ‘dizzy’ to mean they have ‘vertigo,’ they are

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Parkinson’s Disease: an Autoimmune DIsease? By Dr. De Leon

For some time me and others like myself have been toying with the idea could it be possible that Parkinson’s is yet another autoimmune disease like diabetes or thyroid disease or even pernicious anemia? Or even an inflammatory disorders like ulcerative colitis? Perhaps some genetic subtypes can more easily fall into this category than others.

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