Demystifying Dyskinesias: By Dr. De Leon

Today, I though I would talk once more about the dreaded D- dyskenesias- We have all seen patients and heard stories of the horrible life of having dyskenesias – many are so terrified that they avoid taking medications altogether. Are all involuntary movements dyskenesias? No! some parkinson’s patients along with parkinson’s plus  and parkinsonism patientsContinue reading “Demystifying Dyskinesias: By Dr. De Leon”

Tardive dyskinesia’s: By Dr. De Leon

Today, I want to discuss a movement disorder on the rise due to increase use of neuroleptics and new indications for dopamine antagonists have increased over the years thus increasing the number of patients at risk. Also because some of the initial symptoms of this condition are acute extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) like stiffness, slowness, and tremors;Continue reading “Tardive dyskinesia’s: By Dr. De Leon”

Dyskinesias- 8 Tips to prevent & manage DYSKENESIAs: By Dr. De Leon

The things I have learned about dyskenesias in a nut shell. They are not a sign that you are having fun because you look like you are dancing even if they occur at the beat of   your favorite tune. yes, although most of the time you prefer over being off or stiff, you can’tContinue reading “Dyskinesias- 8 Tips to prevent & manage DYSKENESIAs: By Dr. De Leon”

DYSKENESIAs: The Dreaded “D” Word in Parkinson’s: By Dr. De Leon

Dancing, dystonic, discombobulated, distraught these are all ways people with Parkinson’s feel when contemplating the possibility of a life with dyskenesias after the initial shock of receiving a diagnosis. Yet, the reality is very different in my experience and to those who have studied dyskenesia epidemiology. Patients have been so fearful of Levodopa to theContinue reading “DYSKENESIAs: The Dreaded “D” Word in Parkinson’s: By Dr. De Leon”