Dyskinesias- 8 Tips to prevent & manage DYSKENESIAs: By Dr. De Leon

Dyskinesias- 8 Tips to prevent & manage DYSKENESIAs: By Dr. De Leon.

2 thoughts on “Dyskinesias- 8 Tips to prevent & manage DYSKENESIAs: By Dr. De Leon

  1. i awake to violent right arm sided arm shaking, and everything else. then i panic for 2 hours. this started after 2 months of neupro. I went off that because i developed an advance case of colitis. it did not cause it but i felt it did exasperate
    the intestines.. I only use cr and 250/100 since 5 years ago. the morning panic is horrible.It feels like no one knows what to do. When i try to walk at the time that ‘it’ is happening, my legs way a thousand pounds and i feel like i have no blood in my stomach. Should i lay down in what position, or try to suffer and walk it off. How much sinemet too much?my docs do little now that i am on welfare, so i try to treat myself .it
    was great but I thought i had vascular disease. we will never know.
    i am swimming in the deep end alone
    I am 67, tried asa,wrist weights, cold water on my legs, pillows under and over legs, any ideas?

    1. i am so very sorry to hear that you are having such problems..as far as colitis most pd meds cause some form of gatroparesis so will need to discuss with doctor or gi doctor to prescribe some medicine like domperidone to help motility and or other meds needed to treat colitis. as far as pd sound like you may be having an off phenomena in am due to insufficient meds there are several ways to treat this take cr at night or increase sinemet dose by adding comtan to night dose to start off with ( also comes in single formulation known as stalevo – aka sinemet plus comtan), also there is a medicine called apomorphine which you can use early in am to help with this it comes in an injection as well as i believe now in market sublingually..talk to your doctor – good luck and talk to your doc asap

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