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Health & Beauty tip # 30 : Put on some lipstick & show Parkinson’s who’s Boss? By Dr. De Leon

As we draw near to another years end, I want to write about something near and dear to me as a woman, mother, cancer survivor, Parkinson patient/ doctor and advocate! Female power! I began this blog, as away of coping with this illness and also as a way to show women everywhere who struggle with

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Health & Beauty Tip # 26: Parkinson’s & driving- when is it time to call it quits? By Dr. De Leon

“Drive carefully! Remember, it’s not only a car that can be recalled by it’s maker.” – Anonymous “Why is it that you always say go faster when we are driving but slow down when we are walking?” ponders my husband, frequently, out loud….. Although, I did not get my drivers license until my mid-twenties and

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Health & Beauty tip # 21: Life after Parkinson’s- by Dr. De Leon

Is there Life after Parkinson’s? Many would argue and answer in the negative while others hold reservation inclined to a more optimistic attitude…. I would say a resounding YES!….There CAN be a GREAT LIFE after Parkinson’s… just look at Michael J. Fox ….he has been up and down ( now I feel like breaking into

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