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New Light On Parkinson’s! By Dr. De Leon

“We are ALL a little Broken…. last time I checked Broken crayons still color the same.” Trent Shelton I believe that we are all unique like the colors of my favorite coloring box of 152 Crayola Crayons; and even though Parkinson’s may strike each and everyone one of us differently we all share the same outer exterior

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Faith, Medicine and the NEW YEAR!- : by Dr. De Leon

Brief history of medicine: 2,000 B.C. – we said “eat this root” (magic in the earth) 1,000 B.C. ” root is heathen say a prayer!” 1850 A.D – medical experts said” prayer is superstitious, drink this potion.” 1940 A.D. –  doctors were convinced that potion was snake oil, so “swallow this pill” instead… 1985 A.D. –  we

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Health & Beauty tip # 21: Life after Parkinson’s- by Dr. De Leon

Is there Life after Parkinson’s? Many would argue and answer in the negative while others hold reservation inclined to a more optimistic attitude…. I would say a resounding YES!….There CAN be a GREAT LIFE after Parkinson’s… just look at Michael J. Fox ….he has been up and down ( now I feel like breaking into

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