As we draw near to another years end, I want to write about something near and dear to me as a woman, mother, cancer survivor, Parkinson patient/ doctor and advocate!
Female power!
I began this blog, as away of coping with this illness and also as a way to show women everywhere who struggle with this illness in their daily lives as patients, wives, mothers, daughters, caregivers -that they TOO had the power within themselves to beat anything that is thrusted their way.
But best of all, I want to stress to my readers that the positive energy that empowers them to be able to crush Parkinson’s comes from the fact that we are women.

I started writing about dressing shabby chic despite Parkinson’s and feeling sexy and beautiful in spite of having a chronic neurological disease like Parkinson’s ….in between I wrote about many coping skill strategies in dealing with the diagnosis.
Today, we have come full circle.
I am asking my readers to keep their lipstick handy! In whatever shade they prefer….personally a red or pink will do!

Because like Suzy Toronto, I too, when I think about the women I admire and have made a big difference in my life and in the world….”before they ministered to the sick, the poor, or changed the face of politics… They put on their lipstick first!”
“This small act throws us back to a much simpler time when women showed their determination & focus by placing on lipstick and then going out to the world and doing what needed to be done.”

I grew up always PUTTING on some lipstick even if it was a very light shade of pink before tackling any job…even while in medical school when I had no time to eat or sleep …I would grab my only make up at the time…my ever trusted lipstick which I always carried with me no matter what…and apply on the way to operating room or to visit a dying patient ..”as if it would magically give me the strength and willpower to tackle whatever challenge stood my way.” Now, as I live with my PD diagnosis putting on some lipstick not only helps me feel “normal” but like I can still tackle the world! This shear act makes me feel pretty and feminine even if that’s the only thing I managed to accomplish during the day that required any fine motor skills!….

Lipstick helps me face the day’s adventures, challenges, and strength to dive into the daily world of Parkinson’s. Before I put on my big girl panties, I start with a “fresh face and a gorgeous shade of (red)” to go with my shabby chic diva look!

For you, my readers it may not have to be a lipstick…it can be anything that makes You feel good and empowered ….like riding your favorite bike, putting on your favorite tennis shoes to go for a run, putting a comfy shirt to inspire you to paint with all the colors of the rainbow, or wearing a pair of favorite shoes ( red or any other color that inspires you!). In short, whatever it is that empowers you and helps you tackle the world head on, allows you to take care of yourself and your loved ones, be a better mother, spouse, sister, daughter, Parkinson’s advocate…make it a part of your daily routine for the whole of next year and every year!
Use what works to get your female power flowing to change the world around you and make living with Parkinson’s disease an amazing ride!