Health & Beauty tip # 30 : Put on some lipstick & show Parkinson’s who’s Boss? By Dr. De Leon

Happy 2015!!!🎈🎈🎉💃 as we start a new year I want to remind all the women around the world that live with PARKiNSON’s in their lives that there is power within you that comes from being a woman, a mom, a wife, sister, friend, lover, daughter. This year I want you to harness that femininity to not just survive Parkinson’s disease but actually live an abundant, joyful life in the midst of Parkinsons…so grab your favorite paraphanelia, that which empowers you to be more than you are, bring out the beauty within and conquer PARKiNSONS …know that you are not alone and women all over the world are standing right beside you arm -arm waiting to fight with you, lift you up, and complete
Lift you up and comfort you! Have a blessed year! And stay tune for my book on Parkinson’s and women’s issues which will be released this spring!

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