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Treatment for over active bladder in Parkinson’s (revisited) : by Dr. De Leon

    ” Whenever somebody tells me, you go girl! I generally have to!” -unknown As I mentioned before in a previous blog Parkinson’s patients as do patients that have various parkinsonian syndromes like MSA ( multi system atrophy) can have varying degrees of bladder issues ranging from increase urgency,frequency to outright incontinence!  Having bladder […]

The Theory of Everything : By Dr. De Leon

Recently I watched the movie “The Theory of Everything” in awe as so many of you must have. I was so delighted to see this film get nominated for so many awards and rightly so. The entire movie crew did a superb job bringing to light not only the life of this great mind of

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Health & Beauty tip # 30 : Put on some lipstick & show Parkinson’s who’s Boss? By Dr. De Leon

Happy 2015!!!🎈🎈🎉💃 as we start a new year I want to remind all the women around the world that live with PARKiNSON’s in their lives that there is power within you that comes from being a woman, a mom, a wife, sister, friend, lover, daughter. This year I want you to harness that femininity to

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Los Consejos de Belleza y Salud #2 : ¡ Pintate los labios y demuéstrale al Parkinson’s quien es jefe! Por Dra. De León

¡Feliz año 2015! Espero que este año reencuentren su valor femenino y el poder que llevan dentro como mujere, madres, hijas, esposas y amigas….dentro de ustedes esta el poder de no solo sobre llevar la enfermedad del Parkinson’s pero tener una vida abundante apesar de la enfermedad… Saquen sus más preciados objetos que les da

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Surviving the Holiday’s Like a Pro: By Dr. De Leon

This is the busiest time of year for most of us and unfortunately what is supposed to be the happiest sometimes turns into a very stressful time for many of us. We are often torn between trying to care for ourselves and make our loved ones happy. Your health should come first. Let your loved

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