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Rare Dystonia Syndromes and Parkinson’s Disease: By Dr. De Leon

About a year before my dad passed away, he and I were at the store about to enter the store to do some grocery shopping when comes along a lady stooped at 90 degree angle pushing a buggy full of groceries. My heart immediately sank at this site. This lady apparently had been shopping all

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Purpose: A Powerful Tool Against Hopelessness: By Dr. De Leon

“One of the happiest moments ever is when you find the courage to finally let go of what you can’t change.” -Robert Tew In the last few weeks everyone has been talking more openly about depression in living with Parkinson’s from being the patient to being the care partner or care giver every one is

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New Light On Parkinson’s! By Dr. De Leon

“We are ALL a little Broken…. last time I checked Broken crayons still color the same.” Trent Shelton I believe that we are all unique like the colors of my favorite coloring box of 152 Crayola Crayons; and even though Parkinson’s may strike each and everyone one of us differently we all share the same outer exterior

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I have A Tremor: Does it mean I Have Parkinson’s Disease ? By Dr. De Leon

“Shaking is great. Shaking is one of the oldest practices known to man…connecting the earth and restoring energy through Out…” Jerome Flynn Is my tremor a sign of PD? This is always the million dollar question on everyone’s mind when they go see a Movement disorder specialist for the first time. Although, this is the

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Tips to dealing with Apathy : by Dr. De Leon

Tips to dealing with Apathy : by Dr. De Leon.

 Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease – Part Deux: By Dr. De Leon

 Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease – Part Deux: By Dr. De Leon.

What is Parkinson’s Disease? By Dr. De Leon

It has been nearly two centuries since the name of a famous English surgeon by the name of James Parkinson was assigned to a chronic neurological condition affecting nearly 10 million people worldwide known as Parkinson’s disease (PD).  For years Parkinson’s specialists have based their treatment of this progressive neurological disease on the clinical characteristics

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Tips to dealing with cramping toes: By Dr. De Leon

It is extremely painful to have one little toe or worse all toes suddenly decide to have a mind of their own and begin to curl, twist and bend at their own free will. Believe me, I know. This type of pain can bring a grown man to their knees. When I first began having symptoms

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