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Parkinson’s & Hearing Loss: Fact or Fiction- By Dr. De Leon

“Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Helen Keller       Since I came back from Hawaii, I feel like this is me above constantly asking people to speak into the stethoscope,  ear trumpet, or speak into my good ear because my hearing has not been quite the same.

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When Is a Tremor a Sign of Parkinson’s Disease?: By Dr. De Leon

Are you often asked by others, if you are nervous or cold? Do you frequently hide your hands in your pockets when you walk to avoid stares from onlookers ? When you are out in public  do feel all eyes are on you and makes you shake more? So you stick your hand(s) in your pocket as

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I have A Tremor: Does it mean I Have Parkinson’s Disease ? By Dr. De Leon

“Shaking is great. Shaking is one of the oldest practices known to man…connecting the earth and restoring energy through Out…” Jerome Flynn Is my tremor a sign of PD? This is always the million dollar question on everyone’s mind when they go see a Movement disorder specialist for the first time. Although, this is the

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