Dealing with the 50 shades of pain in Parkinson’s to avoid addiction-by Dr. De Leon

“Pain is only relevant if it still hurts.” Ed Sheeran I was reading an article recently regarding the epidemic of pain killers in women in the USA and recent changes in healthcare in an attempt to curtail this problem. It got me… Read More

Is numbness in my feet caused by my Parkinson’s disease/dystonia? : By Dr. De Leon

“I have become comfortably numb.” Unknown On a weekly basis, I get the question can PD cause numbness? Well today, I thought I would tackle this sensitive topic from a different angle than before. hopefully this will help so many of you who like me… Read More

Tardive Syndromes- Tardive dystonia, Parkinsonism, and Other Movement Disorders: By Dr. De Leon

What is a Tardive (late) Dyskinesia? This is a persistent, at times irreversible, abnormal involuntary movement disorder appearing after a prolonged (usually 1-2 years) or extensive intake of dopamine antagonist (blockers) such as old traditional neuroleptics. Prior to onset of atypical antipsychotics like… Read More

About a year before my dad passed away, he and I were at the store about to enter the store to do some grocery shopping when comes along a lady stooped at 90 degree angle pushing a buggy full of groceries. My… Read More