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Is the use of complement alternative Medicine (CAM) a good choice for PD? By Dr. De Leon

I thought that it was important to cover this topic since I read and hear many of you discussing the viability of these alternative treatments. Especially since there is a growing interest in our community to resort to use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This means using health and treatments for maintaining wellness previously

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Subtle signs that show you have too much stress in your life: By Dr. De Leon

I have decided that “stress does not go with my outfit. so, I am breaking up with it!” you should do the same….. after all is not the stress that kills us but our reaction to it. I write to deal with my own stress although sometimes I just need time away from everything and

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Intelligent Decision Making: by Dr. De Leon

” I regret less the road not taken than my all fired hurry along the road I took.” Robert Brault Many years ago when I first began this journey with Parkinson’s disease as a young doctor there were very few choices in the treatment of PD. since then there has been an explosion of new

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Tips for Good Sleep in PD; by Dr. De Leon

‘A Well Spent Day brings happy sleep.’ We all know that sleep is vital for our health; but how to reconcile this knowledge with how our illnesses make us feel ? There I was last night falling asleep at 10 pm but unable to go to bed as I desired; since I suddenly began experiencing

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Treatment for over active bladder in Parkinson’s (revisited) : by Dr. De Leon

    ” Whenever somebody tells me, you go girl! I generally have to!” -unknown As I mentioned before in a previous blog Parkinson’s patients as do patients that have various parkinsonian syndromes like MSA ( multi system atrophy) can have varying degrees of bladder issues ranging from increase urgency,frequency to outright incontinence!  Having bladder […]

Dealing with end stage Parkinson’s disease- the long goodbye: By Dr. De Leon

“..Before the prospect of living less than everyone else, I have decided to live faster, more fully…” Alexander Dumas – la dame aux Camilles   Lately, I have been thinking about this subject quite a bit especially since one of my dearest friends has been diagnosed with terminal disease. For the first time this in

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Anxiety in PD: by Dr. De Leon

cation ” anti-anxiety pills, I would take them but I am afraid …” Anxiety also thought of as excessive worrying is something that I have had lots of experience in dealing with as a physician and caregiver but until my medications were reduced after last hospitalization, I myself had never felt this way. I am

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Happy New Year-2017! By Dr. De Leon

With this in mind, I am aiming for the stars. But, first I want to thank all (you) my readers for almost 6 years of wonderful communication, interaction and allowing me to come into your homes. I think this will be our best year yet. I hope that you will continue to share with me in this

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