Happy New Year-2017! By Dr. De Leon

With this in mind, I am aiming for the stars. But, first I want to thank all (you) my readers for almost 6 years of wonderful communication, interaction and allowing me to come into your homes. I think this will be our best year yet. I hope that you will continue to share with me in this journey of life with Parkinson’s disease as the year unfolds.

Surely, we will face challenges as we traverse the hills and valleys of our lives with PD just as certain I am that there will also be many triumphs to rejoice over. No matter what lies ahead for you, I want you to know that you are not alone. God loves you as do I, remember this as you reach for endurance as you begin to climb mountains of despair, pain, misunderstandings, or self-pity  to reach the summit of acceptance, self-love, and inner strength, showing PD who’s boss. When you do, the view will be breath taking, as some of my closest friends who have climbed Kilimanjaro will attest and every bit worth the fight to the top.

There will also be valleys of green grass and flowing water where you can rest and feel at peace helping others who come behind to remain steadfast in the battle; to stay silent when there is nothing to say, laugh as much as you can whenever possible for it is the best medicine there is, lend a helping hand, or simply sit by someone’s side in the midst of adversity. Because those of us who have lived with chronic illnesses in our lives have learned that the race goes to those of us who remain always vigilant, humble, with steady nerves and habits with a keen eye never turning our back to a monster that can destroy us if we lose interest and let our guards down.

So don’t make lofty goals and resolutions you are likely to break rather invest in yourself, prioritizing your time, your energy and your gifts. Make short, intermediate, and long term goals. As I said before, one shuffling step at a time!

Happy New Year!

Topics to be covered this year per the choice award interests survey of PDF ( Parkinson’s disease foundation)-

dystonia, dyskinesia, fatigue, constipation, cognition-ways to maintain, sleep /rem behaviors

Please let me know if there is a special topic you are interested in learning about/ or if you want to be a guest blogger-

send me information to deleonenterprises3@yahoo.com



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year-2017! By Dr. De Leon

  1. Maria, your “words” always seem to be directed to me just when I need them the most…like being in Mass when the homily is “directed” at you! Thanks for the reinforcement!

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