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I have Dystonia! Now, what? : by Dr. De Leon

First, dystonia which falls under the umbrella of the movement disorders diseases implies an abnormal contraction of the muscles that causes involuntary twisting resulting in abnormal postures. It can be painful. Some common known dystonia are writer’s cramp-a type of dystonia that occurs only while writing affecting the muscles of the hand and forearm. Dystonia

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Bowel Incontinence Another Embarrassing Casualty of PD: By Dr. De Leon

We all know that since we got diagnosed with PD our bodies don’t work just like they use to; much to our chagrin it does not always respond like we would have it. Sometimes our voice leaves us in the middle of an important conversation with our best friend, other times it cause us to

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I am Dizzy! Is It My Parkinson’s? : By Dr. De Leon

First, in order for you to get the proper treatment you must be able to communicate to your doctor exactly what you are feeling. The way you do this is by learning the right terminology or the doctor “lingo” if you will. Some people say they are ‘dizzy’ to mean they have ‘vertigo,’ they are

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Improving Quality of Voice in PD: By Dr. De Leon

We have all experienced a change in our voices as Parkinson’s has taken over our lives. It can be extremely frustrating for both the person with Pd as well as the caregiver to constantly be asking to reiterate what he or she said. This is because family thinks we either mumble or slur or words

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Is ReM Behavior Ruining your Sleep? Here Are Some tips to improve life at night: By Dr. De Leon

At Night, Do You Feel Like You Are in the Ring With a Boxer Instead of Your Partner with PD? By Dr. De Leon.