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Best treatment options for PD during an exacerbation of Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBS): By Dr. De Leon

As I have been dealing with severe Gi complications from both PD and history of ulcerative colitis, I thought I would cover this topic today on how to manage living with both illnesses. Not an easy task I assure you. As you may know, people with inflammatory bowel disease are at higher risk of having

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The Need for Vitamin D in PD: By Dr. De Leon

“Them bones…them bones..” Now that we just spent the last week or so traveling, spending time with family, and of course indulging in that delicious Thanksgiving meal is time to get back to basics especially as winter months approach where days are shorter with fewer hours of sunshine.  Are you getting enough Vitamin D in your

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A Tasty Dysphagic Diet : Doña Maria’s Thick & Creamy Potato & Carrot Soup: by Maria De Leon

A Tasty Dysphagic Diet : Dona Maria’s Thick & Creamy Potato & Carrot Soup: by Maria De Leon.