Not a security threat

I always beep at airport …and have to go through whole routine myself this is never a good th No especially when you are traveling abroad!!!…sometimes I want to just go ahead and get dbs so I have actual excuse but then I may have to have to explain even more…we still have so much education and awareness to do in our communities …sorry for anyone that has ever had to go through this …many blessings to every one and happy holidays !

Living Well with Parkinsons Disease


By Sheryl Jedlinski

Watching nightly news about heightened airport security takes me back to the weeks right after 9 – 11. I was catching a flight out of O’Hare when a security screening machine started beeping at me. A woman in a TSA uniform pulled me out of line and took me off to the side to “wand” me.

Stretched out wide, my arms started flailing about. “Are you nervous?”the woman asked. I tried to explain that I have Parkinson’s disease, like Michael J. Fox, but she had never heard of it. I was incredulous. She continued wanding me, stopping at my chest when the beeping started. Who or what did she think could be in there trading secrets with our enemies? She pulled my underwire bra away from my body, waiting for the evidence to fall out. “I know what is going to fall out,” I told her, “…

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