3 thoughts on “Coping with Fatigue in PD : By Dr. De Leon”

  1. Hi Maria,

    I work with the Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach Program/APDA Information & Referral Center. Part of my job is to expand our website (parkinsons.stanford.edu) and I love referencing your posts, especially your both personal and professional postings on non-motor symptoms. This is the first time I have come across one that did not have a good link. While I understand the addition of advertising on your site is a good revenue stream for your young family (I have kids in college, myself), the advertising on this page has interrupted the text of some very valuable information: https://defeatparkinsons.com/2014/09/21/coping-with-fatigue-in-pd-by-dr-de-leon-3/

    Could you please let me know when it is fixed? If it does not get fixed, I will have to remove it from our non-motor page on fatigue, as it is useless to our users without the information.

    We also included defeatparkinsons.com in the list of our favorite PD blogs. They are alphabetical, which puts you right at the top with a lovely picture of you.

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