As the new school year get off to a busy start and we begin to approach the holiday seasons the fatigue experienced by many of us with PD may seem to intensify….here are a few things to avoid and keep in mind in your daily life to keep from feeling like you are totally worn out…


Health & Beauty Tips # 2c:  Coping Skills for Fatigue  By Dr. De Leon

First of all, the advice I give here is from personal experience  as a physician, patient, and caregiver over the last 8 years.

As a professional for many years , I have dealt with fatigue in many chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis but for years fatigues was never thought to be part of Parkinson’s disease and never really thought about in that context until the last part of this decade. Recently, we have learned that FATIGUE can &DOES occur in Parkinson’s often can be one of the prodrome or premotor symptoms. Fatigue can wreak havoc with anyone’s organism and can make motor symptoms like tremors seem like they are worst when they are not.

So, what can we do to prevent or improve fatigue?

Avoid Things that can exacerbate your fatigue like….

1) sleep deprivation-we know PD patients have a lot of trouble sleeping look at my other blog on…

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