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Meningioma’s & Parkinson’s – Taking a Closer Look at Their Connection: By Dr. De Leon

Since both my mother and grandmother have been found to have brain meningiomas, I have begun to take a very serious look at this matter. My search has lead me to find a few cases of meningioma – benign brain tumor arising from the lining covering of the brain (the meninges) presenting as reversible Parkinsonism.

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Livin’ life with my OLD friend -PARKINSON’S DISEASE! by Dr. De Leon

Who would have thought I get my favorite brain disease?  Now, I know it’s just no fun when we’re shaking inside out Crying! Pleading! trouble smelling even tying my own shoes!  What a pain to be in pain! Walking slow and getting cramps   please, someone point me to the loo So much shaking Trouble  baking (doing much of anything) Makes me want to

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