2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the midst of adversity: By Maria De Leon

  1. Tonight trying to get into my bed has neem the hardest to date.

    My feet are getting worse with numbness, burning and general all over
    pain. Rigid mobility , low back pain. Upon getting onto bed it was very difficult to move into a sleeping position. I’m now sitting on edge of bed typing this note.Toes are trying to cross over neighbouring toe. I’m tired , I’m sick of fighting this horrid thing and now a widow. On my own. Scared for my future. I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to live in a nursing home.

    1. Helen..my heart goes out to you..but please don’t give up..contact your doctor to adjust your meds, gets muscle relaxants, botox , etc. they can help with social work to have aids at home or explore your best options so you don’t feel alone or isolated. there are assisted living facilities which maintain independence within a community and have nurses overlooking your care. there are medicines for neuropathies like neurontin (gabapentin) ..but make sure you see your physician asap to help sort out and manage your symptoms..and perhaps even start on some rehab- sending a virtual hug – sometimes a good long nap or good sleep can help clear the mind -it does me and helps me see things with clearer perspective. talk to doctor about getting a hospital bed or adjustable mattress to help get in and out better..a taller bed helps me. praying for you friend..remember God loves you and you are not alone. got to Mjfox web or parkinsonsfoundation for other resources.

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