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New PD drug study to halt progression


Today, researchers are evaluating an investigational drug that focuses on the earliest stages of Parkinson’s disease that may potentially offer a new option for recently diagnosed patients.

If you have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, you may want to consider a newly opened study. It is evaluating the safety and potential efficacy of an investigational drug that targets alpha-synuclein (α-syn), a molecule associated with Parkinson’s disease. The investigational drug is being studied to see if it may potentially help to slow or reduce disease progression.

For people who:

— Have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the last 3 years

— Are 40 to 80 years of age

— Have not received levodopa in the last 12 weeks

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Learn why I’m talking about Clinical Trials – we are closer than ever to deciphering this complex disease ..but even if we don’t discover a cure at worst we would have developed new treatments to make living with PD a thing of the past…by becoming as close to normal as possible.
Just in the two decades i have been involved in this field i have seen so many advances and people like you and me can have fruitful productive lives even when afflicted with PD.

today at least 3 new drugs are in the fda approval line due to be released within the next 6months to a year and perhaps sooner. but there are also many more on the works like this new #Parkinsons disease clinical study which is in the process of evaluating an investigational drug to see if it may potentially help slow or reduce disease progression. if you are interested in finding out more or think you like to participate and add your own grain to the cure go to the link below

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  1. Hi guys, I am 42 was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in July 2018. I am currently on Levodopa, but I don’t like the side effects or habitual nature of the medication. I will be giving levodopa at my next consultation with my neurologist. I am very interested in cbd oil and clinical trials.

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