2 thoughts on “depression and anxiety in PD

  1. Thank you for sharing this! My dear sweet step father has Parkinson and I know he struggles with not just depression, he loses control of his hands and legs. He gets very down and then does not want to take his medication. I do my best to encourage him as much as I possibly can. Considering I have MS I can relate to somethings he will share with me. My mother is not as understanding and puts WAY too much pressure on him, so he does not talk with her much about his feelings. When I am around him he opens up to me about things and I try to encourage and support him as much as I can.

  2. Alyssa,
    God bless you …I am so very sorry for all that your family Is going through..perhaps he might like to read some of the blogs on his own.let m Dino’s if I can help with anything. May also find more info at Michaeljfox.org

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