3 thoughts on “Nasal Congestion: The Cold or PD? By Maria De Leon

  1. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I am a PD sufferer and I often have nasal congestion, mostly involving the left nasal cavity and sinuses especially the maxillary sinus. The drainage is all post nasal, not drip, more like sludge which I continuously swallow. My throat also is involved and I often expectorate the “frog” in my throat. Steroids and antibiotics help but the condition always returns. I saw an ENT doctor. He discovered polyps and thought that was the cause of the drainage problem. He prescribed a saline nasal rinse which I seldom use because it does not cure the problem, just alleviates symptoms. Another thing that is unusual: many times I feel a cold coming on and then it just disappears. It must be related to dopamine levels. I also suffer from vascular headaches in the left temporal area. They are like minor migraines. I often wake up with them. Sometimes they go away and sometimes they get worse and I have to take Sumatriptan to finally get relief. I get nasal congestion at the same time. The cause of both must be low levels of dopamine in the blood stream. I know what sinus headaches are like and I know what full blown migraine headaches are like as I used to get them when I was a kid. This condition is different. I have been wondering for years what was causing these seemingly unrelated symptoms that I have had for about 20 years. Now I know. Thank you Dr Maria. Robert Heston DVM

    1. Thank you Robert. Hope you find relief soon by talking to doctor and adjusting meds. I too have migraines and I have found that cervical dystonia is and neck stiffness triggers migraines..increasing dopamine relieves this . But may also want to look at my blog on 3 serious causes of early am headaches …www.migraine.com
      Happy holidays !

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