3 thoughts on “Dealing with the 50 shades of pain in Parkinson’s to avoid addiction-by Dr. De Leon

  1. Once again, dear Dr. DeLeon, you are “spot on” with your choice of topic and complete, knowledgeable and easily understood comments and advice ! The two issues I am dealing with at the moment you chose to cover,,,

    Back pain – it is becoming so clear that most of the PWP that I know have it ! The way you broke down the area, various causes, and effective treatments is so helpful ! One of the treatments I have shared with my Support Group is pickle juice-
    when the deep cramping of a Dystonia-type muscle seizing in the night is so awful it makes one cry out in pain, it really helps ! I used to keep it at my bedside (how romantic – eh? HA!) I now take a 1/2 to a whole Baclofen one hour before sleep, and thank the Lord, haven’t had a bad one in months !

    Ketogenic Diet – Until you mentioned the possibility that this type of eating was touted to reduce tremor, I really didn’t know why some Doctors were pushing this diet. I recently attended a PD conference in Baton Rouge, and the main speaker highly recommended Keto Diet for PD patients. I had heard of it many years ago, and, like you, thought it to be way to much discipline for me and very restrictive! Well… I looked it up online, and found a plethora of information, recipes, blogs, etc. So I gave it a try. For me, a woman who loves Mayo, cheese of all types, sour cream, it was doable. I ate mountains of mashed Cauliflower, Tacos made with a baked and formed cheddar shell, and something akin to “Mug cake” made with Almond flour. If I had nothing else to do in my life but to make and enjoy new recipes, I may have made it. I was down 11 pounds, was getting used to drinking more water than I have ever consumed in my life, and for the first time, wasn’t hungry.
    The protein was satisfying me. But , boy – did I miss bread ! My nursing background could not let this go on any longer, & I made an appointment with my PCP and did blood work. Sure…my Cholesterol & Triglycerides were both up ! Not being a person that is fond of being on Statins, I opted out of “KETO”. For the last month of the “Diet” I was put on Rytary. To begin, I was using samples of course. Yesterday I filled my first RX….clearly marked on the bottle was the caution:
    “DO NOT TAKE WITH A HIGH FAT DIET !” Ha! Each day is filled with a challenge and a lesson-Si? 🙂

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