Instructions not Included When it Comes to Caregiving: By Dr. De Leon

As we approach November the month of caregivers- I want to thank all the caregivers for all their support and their unselfish love and determination for learning, caring and uplifting their loved ones with pd. here are a few tips I have learned over the years…but remember that in all things God knows our limits. He knows our struggles; he knows how much stress and pressure we can take so don’t go at it alone -lean on HiM and ask for wisdom and strength.


Don’t dwell on the disease. Value the moments, the pearls of wisdom, their smile, their humor.” St. Elizabeth

seekcodes_659_26138     Caregiving is not for the faint of heart. I have had to be the caregiver for two of the people I love, my grandmother and father. Although the experience was extremely rewarding, I was left completely emotionally and physically spent when it was all said and done. Being a caregiver requires inner fortitude, perseverance and above all a great deal of love. Love for that person you are providing care for is the only thing at times that drives you and keeps you from losing your wits.  In dealing with my loved ones as a caregiver, I had my moments of frustration as many of you have in taking care of your own loved ones who suffer from chronic illnesses like PD. The problems usually arise from thinking we know what…

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