Dissatisfied with Your DBS?

thanks Darcy…the biggest problem I encounter with DBS unsatisfaction aside from not being right candidate is poor programming. Best to get programmer that is also movement disorder and one with lots of experience. Like everything in life experience matters..

Parkinson's Women


In the large number of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgeries performed—135,000 reported by Medtronic  in 2015—dissatisfaction with this surgical treatment for Parkinson’s disease can sometimes occur. If you have DBS and you aren’t satisfied with it, try to put your worry aside so you can focus on fixing it!

Two clinics dedicated to DBS troubleshooting offer useful information on their websites:

University of Florida DBS Troubleshooting and DBS Failures Clinic 

The University of Florida Center for Movement Disorder and Neurorestoration has a DBS Troubleshooting and DBS Failures Clinic. The clinic offers its services to patients from all over the United States and also to international patients– and to date has evaluated over 500 deep brain stimulation leads and has re-operated and re-programmed dozens of patients.

The clinic website explains step-by-step how a second opinion is provided, and lists selected UF Center publications on DBS failures and DBS troubleshooting. The clinic is co-directed by Michael S. Okun, and…

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