Going to the Dentist Can Be a Challenge When You Have PD: by Dr. De Leon

Life is short so smile while you still have teeth.”

I wrote a while ago about the importance of maintaining dental hygiene particularly in light of a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease. The slew of medications can potentially lead to tooth decay due to drying of mouth and wearing of enamel. However, keeping and scheduling dental appointments can potentially be challenging particularly as our disease advances. I know this too well both as a neurologist and as a patient with PD. Going to the dentist use to be common place but now ten years into my disease I have to think about it twice and may have to reschedule a time or two.

Yesterday, I went to the dentist although I seriously considered rescheduling once more due to severe nausea. Some of you may know what I am talking about, but for whatever reason now dental cleaning is extremely uncomfortable. One it always leaves my mouth and teeth incredibly sore for a day or two not to mention that keeping my mouth open for whatever extended amount of time needed for hygienist or dentist to work on triggers my dystonia not just in my jaw but in my neck which adds to the pain and discomfort which then triggers a migraine. It is an inevitable chain reaction unless I prep myself. So before I Go to the dentist, I have to take my nausea medicine, my migraine medicine and a muscle relaxant to keep the dystonia from setting in.  Needless to say I can only stand having my mouth open for so long so as you can imagine if you had the same problem doing procedures of any kind which could last more than 45 can be quite challenging. In a previous blog titled “tips on how to maintain dental care,” I provide some insight on how to get ready for a dental appointment. As I mentioned before it is important to schedule the visit at the maximum. Peak of your medication effect so if you are better in afternoon schedule at that time. For me now as I am beginning to have more difficulties with swallowing as my disease progresses I especially have to make sure medication is full force because there is nothing worst like having a choking sensation and having to tell yourself ” swallow” every time you have to especially when your head is tilted back, mouth wide open and water squirting at you!

If you experience some of these problems talk to your neurologist ahead of time especially if having major dental work done. He she can prescribe oral dissolvable medications as well as sedatives and muscle relaxants to aid in the process as well as coordinate care with your dentist.

I now in need of a couple of fillings repaired. Besides taking my muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, I may need a dose of Xanax which requires someone accompanying me to the appointment to drive me home. Another alternative is scheduling sedation which will definitely require making prior arrangements with a friend or loved one to accompany you.  The same is true if you are suffering from blood pressure problems particularly if it drops. So now for at least last 3-4 years my dentist always checks my blood pressure before commencing any treatment. He also lets me wear my sunglasses during the procedure to avoid extra sensory articulation from light shining directly on my face and compounding any possible migraine trigger. Can also ask for quick short breaks if work is extensive.

Even though I don’t much enjoy going to the dentist anymore and is no longer “routine,” it is equally important to continue care for my teeth as for my body; so with careful planning and necessary preventive treatments I can still go on my own without much difficulty other than a sensitive mouth for a day or so. At least both of my dentists are well versed on the manners of PD so I know I am in good hands.




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