Dare to live with a plan: Dr. De Leon

Dear Future,

I am READY…..

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”Different-Tulips…so keep dreaming. You will get there eventually.

Many of us when we are first given a diagnosis of  Parkinson’s disease may feel that the end of the world is near or as if our lives are doomed. We may have a hard time thinking about the future …this may become harder as our disease progresses. It can be freighting to think about the future. More rationally, some of us may be concerned about our finances since we may have to leave our jobs sooner than expected. But, these anxieties are extremely common for anyone living with a chronic illness.

today as we start Parkinson’s awareness month – I want to discuss the value of living day to day in the moment, taking life as it comes one day at a time. However, it is equally important that you believe in yourself and visualize the future with you in it.

Here are some tips to maintain that positivist attitude while preparing for the future.

Remember, a mediocre plan beats a brilliant one that is never implemented anytime.

  1. Unless you have been told specifically that you are terminal, there is no room in your life for those fears to contaminate your thinking and interrupt today’s precious moments.
  2. Get financial & estate planning, make a will and power of attorney with all your wishes and put away in a safe keeping..now you can breath and continue enjoying your time those who matter most.
  3. Break the future into smaller blocks of time; make short term and long term goals. Things you would love to achieve..remember you can do anything you set your mind to..learn a new language, visit a new country, learn a new craft, the possibilities are infinite. Think on paper-writing your goals down gives them a sense of permanency, this act will energize you ….just try it.
  4. Continue your routines as usual like shopping, getting your nails done, getting your hair done, or going to see a play. Do something everyday to keep moving forward.
  5. Never say no to friends invitations to outings …if in the end you don’t feel like going or are too sick to go your real friends will understand.
  6. Plan for extra time when doing any activities just in case meds don’t kick in as they are supposed to or you have more side effects than usual or running slower and stiffer.
  7. Go ahead and plan for that dream vacation…look at my tips for traveling blog.
  8. Capture those special moments via video, pictures, and start scrap book to remind you how much you have done and how you have overcome. Surround yourself with those memories on your desk, and around the house.
  9. Lastly, never let your calendar be empty …if necessary plan in pencil but don’t stop planning!

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