Bowel Incontinence Another Embarrassing Casualty of PD: By Dr. De Leon

something to consider as many of us will be traveling for spring break and also to various conferences like PAN forum….


We all know that since we got diagnosed with PD our bodies don’t work just like they use to; much to our chagrin it does not always respond like we would have it. Sometimes our voice leaves us in the middle of an important conversation with our best friend, other times it cause us to be embarrassed when our fine motor skills betray us and food goes flying across the room especially when we are trying to impress someone we like while on a date. Our handwriting has caused a commotion once or twice at the bank when we have gone to withdraw money because our signature is just not the same! We might have even caused a scene when we unexpectedly tripped on nothing but air. Yet, all of these may pale in comparison it seems when suddenly in the middle of a shopping spree, while driving or simply…

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