Empower yourself through exercise

Important to exercise..I just stared water aerobics again myself …felt so good to get in the water and feel all my muscles begin to relax again …best when done in the deep end helps to strengthen core axial muscles and improve balance!! Plus if you have lots of sweating from medications ( amantadine is one of the worse culprits) the cool water can relieve the heat and be extremely soothing..plus getting out works on improving your inner chemical for happiness and well being ..it allows you do do something for yourself, stay healthy and socialize..not only are you decreasing need for meds especially pain medications plus it helps deter memory loss by boosting ball gnglia cells keeping them oxygenated and bathed in blood flow….keep moving…for your health and that of your family! #pwr # exercise # Parkinsonsdiva

Living Well with Parkinsons Disease

Aerobics - Step 10

By Sheryl Jedlinski

I was 10 years old when President John F. Kennedy called Americans’ “growing softness and increasing lack of physical fitness a menace to our security.” It was as if he had pointed his finger directly at me through our tv and called me an enemy of the state. I knew he didn’t really mean it, so I stayed my course, refusing to put down my Nancy Drew books and go outside to play.

It wasn’t until 34 years later, when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD), that I finally got up from my couch and adopted a healthier, more active lifestyle, thanks to my neurologist. She told me up front that if I wanted to forestall disability and maintain a good quality of life, daily exercise was imperative. It delivers better results than any medicine currently on the market, and has no negative side effects. “The proof is in…

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