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Living Well with Parkinsons Disease

nurseBy Sheryl Jedlinski

By the time my doctor sent me to the hospital emergency room (ER) for a chest x-ray and an evaluation, I had a persistent fever, a horrible cough, and was wheezing so badly it was audible without a stethoscope. This was after three days on a drug cocktail prescribed at an immediate care facility. The likelihood of being hospitalized was disconcerting, as we have all heard horror stories of people with Parkinson’s (PWP) not getting their meds on time and the cascading medical problems this creates. Knowing my husband would not leave my side was key to keeping my anxiety in check.

What I hadn’t considered is how the electronic medical record (EMR), intended to reduce potentially fatal errors, is only as good as the people inputting and retrieving the information. Though I told the person updating my EMR about having Parkinson’s, the next person who called…

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