Beauty Exploration: Sweet Tooth.

chocolate releases dopamine naturally so go ahead an indulge particularly if a little stressed…but make sure you make it dark chocolate!!

Beaus and Bows

The Body Shop Deluxe Edition Chocolate Body Butter; Chocomania Shower Gel; Ritual Chocolate.Hey there bow friends,

There’s something about cooler weather that makes me want to make everything a little more indulgent.  You all know how much I love The Body Shop body butters.  They’re nourishing with fantastic scents that never seem artificial.  The mini sizes, like the body wash, are perfect for travel and the chocolate scent happens to be my favorite out of all The Body Shop products.

Speaking of chocolate, I’ve been thinking about Colorado a lot.  I’ve been thinking about Colorado chocolate a lot.  I picked up Ritual Chocolate the last time we were there and it’s honestly some of the richest and dreamiest chocolate I’ve had in a long time.  This coffee one was really popular with my caffeine junkie mom.  All the bold flavor of coffee enveloped in some purely awesome chocolate.

Can you tell how into chocolate I am right now?  It’s a little…

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