Can Parkinson’s Symptoms Fluctuate ? : By Dr. De Leon

We all have experienced “good” & ” bad” days, does this mean that PD fluctuate like other Neurodegenerative diseases?


Health & Beauty Tip #24: Parkinson’s  Symptoms  Fluctuate : Fact or Fiction? by Dr. De Leon

As a neurologist, I have dealt with many chronic progressive neurodegenerative disease patients of various types and stages for a number of years yet, all of them had one thing in common-“good days and bad days.”

And boy did they let me know about it when they were not doing well! Except for Parkinson’s patients- I always found this group of patients to be so fascinating because THEY NEVER CALLED unless it was an emergency like falling ….

Usual calls would come from the ER because so and so had severe hallucinations and psychosis ( fortunately now we have a brand new FDA approved medication for this!!!)

Even when experiencing severe dyskenesias,  incredible low blood pressure, or swallowing difficulties- They STILL NEVER CALLED-( even though I always encouraged all my patients to call me day or night). I think partly because of the feeling that has been so ingrained in…

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