Are you in need of a Parkinson’s Whisperer ? LOOK NO FURTHER

For those of you who are newly diagnosed or old pros know how difficult and complex living with Parkinson’s disease can be. A mild insignificant cold can turn your world upside down, even something like eating a single meal out of schedule can start a whole cascade of problems if we do not know what to look for or how to prevent. the approach i take is a holistic one taking into account the persons mind, beliefs, emotions, support as well as physical condition due to disease state.

As someone who lives with Parkinson’s and struggles with the day to day nuances that come with living with a chronic illness; while still trying to maintain a fulfilling life along with family and work responsibilities and has made Parkinson’s her life for almost 3 decades. I can help you and your loved ones understand the disease process, answer your questions and guide you to therapies, treatments and other resources available that you may not be aware of. I have extensive experience in the field as a Parkinson’s specialist, caregiver and patient.

if you wish to have a private consultation for aid in decision making regarding PD or understanding treatments, long term planning and support. Please contact me at

Remember, being prepared is half the battle. I can give you the right tools to be able to live better with PD.

*** This does not replace in any way shape or form the relationship that you have established with your physician. you should not make any changes to treatment or medications without FIRST consulting without your own doctor.

The advice here is intended to be used as an adjunct to conventional treatments only to aid in in bringing healing of both body, mind and soul.