 Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease – Part Deux: By Dr. De Leon

Hello my friends- sorry I have been a bit absent from you but you are never far from my thoughts – as we beginning a new summer season which at least for those that live in the northern hemisphere means travel to get away from the heat – like this sweltering heat in Texas and is not even officially summer yet! But, just as the temperature outdoors is beginning to raise so is my internal thermostat from excitement recharging the upcoming publication of my new Spanish book on parkinsons – tips from parkinsons diva on living an abundant life – the cover is hotter than ever expressing by Hispanic heritage – so as I was saying this heat has had me looking for a cooler climate and I have found my ideal spot – where there is no humidity – who knew my hair was so long since it always looks like a chia pets head – problem is I had to get on two planes, a car and a bus to find my ideal place in BC, Canada – which again reminded me of the perils of traveling with pd as well as the exciting adventures- what time is it where? So which medicine do I take now ? And is my belly ever going to move after sitting for upteen hours ? Well yes – drink lots and lots of liquids ! Do stretching exercises on the plane, bus or train while sitting , wear compression hoses if needed, wear disposable underwear if goingvto bathroom is a problem – eat small meals – easy to digest like soups avoid heavy foods like fried stuff or salads -and drink some mint tea – don’t forget to keep med schedule and sleeping schedule – even if the sun is up at midnight! Following these tips and the ones from my previous post will ensure a happy and fun travel – finally don’t forget your additive walking devices, listening to your body and asking for help if necessary –




I love summer not just because my birthday highlights the beginning of the best season where the days are long and the possibilities seem endless. But, because I always seem to rejuvenate during this time of year. As I get ready for my first real trip of the summer after an exhausting year, it occurs to me that since I have developed PD it takes me longer to pack my medications than it does my actual clothes and toiletries.  We all know PD symptoms can vary with stress, weather conditions, and other variables like sleep. Therefore we have to be prepared for the not so good days particularly when far away from home and even more if out of the country.

Tips for Traveling: walt whitman travel

As I had described on a prior blog “Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease” always carry with you a complete list of medications…

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2 thoughts on “ Tips & Tricks: Traveling with Parkinson’s Disease – Part Deux: By Dr. De Leon

  1. Hi,
    It was such a relief to read your blog. My dad has parkinsons and we lacked the fundamental information that you talked about. It is such a relief to start understanding whats going on and maybe what the best treatment is.
    Have you a book I can buy? as I would like to give it to my dad as he does not use the computer.
    Thank you again for taking the time to share all of this, I can not begin to tell you what it means to us.
    Have a lovely Summer!

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