Gift ideas for people with Parkinson’s: by Dr. De Leon

 ” All I want for Christmas is You!….”

With Christmas just a couple of days away some of us may be rushing to get that ‘perfect’ gift for your loved one who is chronically ill but then again you may not have time to go shopping because you are too busy taking care of your loved one; or perhaps you are the one with Parkinson’s disease with a whole list of gifts still to buy for your loved ones but like me and many others simply have no energy, strength, or ability to go down to a shopping center to purchase gifts. All I have to say is, thank goodness for the internet!! I could not survive shopping for the holidays without it. but remember, we too like FUN, WHIMSICAL, and even WHACKY gifts.Image result for wacky gift images

Ok so, we don’t always have to leave our homes to buy gifts but what do you get someone who is chronically disabled or especially someone who is confined to their home?

Despite our daily needs and circumstances, we all like things that inspire us, entertain us, or make our lives a bit easier and more comfortable to live in especially if living with chronic pain.

I know that when I am down, which seems to happen more often than I like, I want to still stay connected and find a way to stimulate my mind. however, when you are laying down because of pain or having lots of tremors and/or dystonia it might be hard to hold up a book for a long time. (a book/ prop holder) may also be useful. One great gift is purchasing audio books for gifting which also helps fight cognitive loss and depression. They are also very good if traveling long distance to doctor’s appointments. iTunes is something I have recently grown to like.

Internet subscriptions have saved my life. I absolutely love movies and being bed/home bound on many occasions due to pain, weakness, or inability to drive I have bonded with family and kept entertained with Netflix, and Amazon Prime. the best thing about the latter is that it also allows easy access to kindle device plus access to a wide array of music, e-books and audio books and music. avoid books on self- help and wellness, etc. Humor is a must, however. I personally love children’s books, some are absolutely a riot which can also serve as bonding tools if person with PD has children or grandchildren. There is also Hulu Plus which is among the most popular video streaming subscriptions. all of these cost around $100 a year.

Gift certificates to massage therapy. In the past I have survived on these services which help tremendously to alleviate my pain caused by my dystonia. the great thing about this is that in most communities there are professional who are able to come to the house to perform these services if you or your loved one are unable to drive, or are in home bound for other reasons. Furthermore, this allows the care giver to take some respite time as well. they can also do aromatherapy which can also relax the senses and cause a feeling of well-being.

Every woman likes to be well-groomed and dashing especially for the holidays and special occasions so why not get a Gift certificate to get manicure and pedicure. Plus, if you are like me I am no longer able to properly manicure my hands because of dystonia. Similarly tremors (action) can make your toe and finger nail painting look amateurish at if a two-year old had attempted to polish.This may also be beneficial for men.

In general gift certificates will go a long way, particularly for meals ( restaurants) which may be best if home delivered. These will especially be useful during the many “down-times” we all seem to have where even the smallest of tasks can take an insurmountable amount of energy and effort. one of the best gifts is that of resources. Thinking about a person’s daily needs. could they use a certificate to hair salon, or beauty salon for permanent make -up. some of these may even be able to come to the house depending on where you live. subscriptions to meals on wheels, house cleaning services, laundry services, pet- walking, lawn care services, and grocery shopping services to name a few.

How about getting things they need like clothing for handicapped individuals like slip resistant socks, Velcro slippers, adaptive nightgowns, warm bed jackets or adaptive robes/ go to http://www.Shop Parkinson’s Clothing/Apparel for Women (Men) or’s-clothing/

Who does not love comfy, warm, breathable, silky, soft loungewear? Better even if it can pass for casual wear.. I love things made of bamboo…slightly more expensive but definitely worth the money and in an emergency can go out feeling secure. ever since I got Parkinson’s the more unique or whimsical the better. thank goodness for cute adult onesies and pajamas fashioned after any animal real or mythological. I absolutely love my “Grinch” p.j.’s perfect for this cold Christmas season. Image result for grinch pajamas image

How about giving music or art classes as a gift? not only will these help with socialization but will also help with mood and continue, maintain, and possibly develop new neuronal connections. Never to late to learn (new) instrument or take -up art even photography.Image result for whimsical art

Useful Gifts- like electronic wine bottle openers, electric can openers, eating utensils ( many available options for PD like shaking spoon, or good grip utensils, drinking cups for PD, writing devices- steady writing,  dragon voice dictation, electric razors, and electric toothbrush. How about an electronic card shuffler if you love to plat card games like my family does and how about weights for writs so when you have a particularly good hand you don’t accidentally give away by shaking.  How about ergonomic gardening tools for your avid gardener- don’t bother giving me that I am known to kill cacti.

Inspirational objects like coffee mugs with an inspirational image or saying. Find unique jewelry which is PD friendly.. how about an inspirational journal electronic to keep track of appointments, medicines, health challenges as well as trips and fun meetings with friends. Marie Pugh Designs is one place where you may find this type of organizational diary.Image result for mugs inspirational messages image

Finally, Chocolate is good any time, especially if dark. I made sure I stopped by Godiva yesterday for my weekly fix.

Don’t forget to give the most important gift-YOU.Image result for all i want for christmas images

May you all receive abundance of blessings this Holiday Season and all of 2017!



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