WPC Opening Night

Thanks sharon ..wish could be there..

Twitchy woman

This is a tremor free zone.  You are free to shake and shuffle as much as you want

Jon Stoessl MD, WPC 2016 Co-Chair

Over 4300 people, from 67 countries, gathered this evening at the Portland Convention Center for the kick-off of the 4th World Parkinson Congress 2016.  The program began with the Parkinson’s Choir, who rehearsed via the internet.  They were very impressive.  And they certainly didn’t need me ( I am tone deaf when it comes to singing).

Dr. Jon Stoessl and co-chair  Dr. Serge Przedborski greeted the crowd, saying that  we are all here for the same reason, to learn new knowledge with people who share the same goal – to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

Former NBA Basketball player, Brian Grant was inspirational.  When diagnosed with PD, he made a commitment to help others through his foundation.  He said “I fight knowing I can win.  I…

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