Must read! So many people even with the medical profession still don’t know some of the possible subtitles of PD and it is up to us as patients and pd advocates to bring to light some of the nuances so that others at least have Parkinson’s in their radar when someone is not the usual white older male with rest tremors..,,
Please feel free to share the types of challenges you have encountered and what have you done to get your PD controlled?
If you need more references on how early pd presents …I recommend referring your physicians and other pd patients to my family circle article –
Another great reference is my book ” Parkinson’s Diva” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at

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YumaBev, who writes a blog called Parkinson’s Humor, posted a not-so-humorous story today about working with medical students and how long it took her to get diagnosed (8 years) with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD).  Thinking back to all of my health issues that began at least 10 years before my diagnosis, I have to wonder if the Fibromyalgia symptoms that I had, including muscle and joint aches, numbness and tingling, fatigue, shoulder pain and more, were a pre-cursor to or actually early symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Researchers are looking for ways to diagnose Parkinson’s long before the obvious symptoms begin, since by the time the classic signs appear more than 90% of neurons in the Substantia Nigra area in the brain can be lost to the disease.   Earlier diagnosis will hopefully save much of us the time and frustration of being subjected to numerous unnecessary expensive tests and…

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