Brain Storms

Making waves..I still have to read…but any book that brings hope and perspective to a disease still not fully understood is always welcomed in both the medical, scientific and Parkinson’s community..

Twitchy Woman

I have been listening to books on Audible for a while now, usually when I am walking or driving. Few have kept my interest like Jon Palfreman’s new book Brain Storms, The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease. Unlike other audiobooks, I have rarely had to back track to find ut what I missed while distracted by something else. The book was engaging, informative and written in language that a reader with no medical background could understand.

Palferman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at about the same time that I was and at about the same age. He also seems to have had a similar trajectory in the progress of the disease. He is a medical science journalist, and in that role, he oftened covered scientific discoveries leading to treatments and cures of chronic diseases. Thirty years ago he produced a documentary film for Nova,The Case of…

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