The First WWPD Fall Workshop – Planning Stages

This a great overview of what we would like to see happen and accomplish..feel free to make suggestions of what topics interest you most…especially for possible Spanish track topics.
Happy 4 th of July everyone!

Women With Parkinson's Disease

I have had a few opportunities/challenges in the last few weeks, ones that require skill-sets I lack. What I have learned is that people in this Parkinson’s  community are sharp,  have had vast experiences to bring to any table, are generous with their time and talents and are delightful people to be around.  Our July meeting yesterday was a smaller group than usual due to summer vacations but was still all that and more.

The one year anniversary of our group is in October.  I am so grateful for this group .  Sometimes, I am given credit for it but I am the one I who has benefited.  We were strangers who stepped out in faith to see what we had in common and how we could support one another. Now, we are not just fellow travelers but friends and trusted peers.

I have had an idea which has been simmering for…

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