National Pet Month – The Positive Effects of Animals Especially Dogs with People

Pet an excellent way of healing for all suffering loss, trauma and chronic illnesses..
If you like to use your dog to help as therapy dog first step is to get them registered nationally and see if they qualify…

The St. Anne's Scoop

Here at St. Anne’s, we have two dogs for our residents.  In honor of April’s “National Pet Month,” a well-qualified friend of ours wrote an article about the positive effect of our canine comrades:

dog Our lab Gracie gives “kisses” to a resident.

Article by Judy Jacoby, RN, MSN, HAB, PHN

Dogs have been around for 15,000 years. Dogs were used to assist people with chores, to round up cattle and sheep, to monitor the surroundings of a home and to pull carts for the American Indians. 12,000 years ago, in Northern Israel, a human skeleton was found holding a puppy.

In the earlier years of civilization, dogs provided special duties. As early as the early 1800’s, dogs were used to assist police stations regarding high crimes. A dog was used to sniff out a criminal who could not be found a police search team. Due to the lack of police…

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